The human-being is genial when is dreaming.

(Akira Kurosawa)

How to get out of a bad dream and find serenty again with the oven cooking


Last night I did not sleep! I had this nightmare that I was working in a fast food and I loved so much to eat that food! My god how much coke I drunk in that dream :O… I think that I almost woke up screaming!!!

Anyway, I decided to find again the serenity trying to cook some tasty thing!

In the fridge, I had a nice and very thick loin fillet! Amazing, I thought! So I decided to cook it in a crazy way!

The wrong-mojito Fillet!

So simple!

Here what I did:

1) I Rubbed the fillet using a spicy sauce.

2) I covered with salvia.

3)I rubbed again with a Red Pesto.

4) I covered with Senap seeds.

5) In order I placed in a glass heat-resistant pan:

6) I placed the loin in the pan and I mix it well. Cover with a paper-foil and that 's all folks …. Cook in the oven at 200 C for 1 hour. Increase the temperature at 250 C and cook for 45 more minutes. 

After is ready! cut it pieces

enjoy iT!!!


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