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« When I was just a little girl [cit.] » and my grandmother used to prepare the gattò of potatoes I thought that was actually cooking a cat of potatoes O.O. It took me some years to realize that what we call gattò in Italian it means cake in French: Gâteau. It is funny how commonly, during the childhood, you mix-up the meanings of the words. For very long, I thought my grandmother’s name was mammina (mummy), since my mom, my aunts and uncle were calling her so.

So let's go now to the interesting part :)

Something in the air is suggesting the song “Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera)” sung by Doris Day (Video on youtube) and soundtrack of Alfred Hitchcock’s movie - The Man Who Knew Too Much.


1.5 kg of potatoes

80 gr of butter

4 egg white

3 yolks

100 gr of salami

100 gr of parmesan

50 gr of pecorino romano

250 gr of provolone (can be replaced by the cheddar)

½ glasses of milk

Salt, pepper, nutmeg


Boil potatoes with the skin until theyare cookedthrough. Place it in an ice bath and peeled it easily with your hands. Here is a nice tutorial

Smash the potatoes, add white eggs, the yolks, and the milk. Adjust with salt pepper and nutmeg.

Cut the provolone and the salami in cubes.

Mix all together, including parmesan and pecorino.


 1 2  3 


Cook it in the oven at 200 °C for about 30 minutes until the top looks crispy.

Easy, handy and tasty. Enjoy your meal.

Grease the pan and pour the mixture. Spread the top with breadcrumbs and butter chops.


3 5


Make pizza with tomato on top! and then you will see the world smile at you ;) Fatte ‘na pizza c’a pummarola ‘ncoppa vedrai che il mondo poi ti sorriderà.

Pino Daniele

IMG 3090


Dear friends!!! 

yesterday afternoon we decided to make pizza. Actually, this is not pizza, I would call it “pizza bread”. Pizza normally is made with flour, water, salt, oil, and yeast. Instead of water, we used milk and egg. This makes the dough more elastic and soft. Switch on your radio and give us a chance to take you step by step to the perfect pizza bread for a night with friends. We had the company of electronic music. check it 


250 g of milk

1 egg

50 g oil

40 g of fresh yeast

550 g of flour



IMG 2983

Warm up the milk (35 °C), add a teaspoon of sugar and dissolve the yeast. If you use the fresh yeast the amount will be the same while if is the dry one use the half. In the second case, the growing time of the dough will be at least of 3 hours.Include

Include the oil and the egg and mix vigorously. I usually use the olive oil that gives a very strong taste. If you do not like it, the sunflower oil it is a good alternative, with a more gentle taste.

IMG 2998  IMG 3003  IMG 3011  IMG 3040 

Place the flour into a big container and give the shape of a Vulcano. Place two teaspoons of salt in one corner and pour the emulsion into the hole. Make sure that in this stage the salt does not enter in contact with the yeast. This will avoid the yeast to be killed.

IMG 3049 IMG 3051 IMG 3058 1

Mix the dough until it will not be sticky. In case it is too watery, help by adding some flour.

Let it grow for a couple of hours into a humid warm place. I use to cover the dough with plastic film. I keep it in the oven (off). In case you do not have the plastic film, put a glass of water in the oven.

IMG 3069 IMG 3073

To make the pizza, put some flour on the table and roll the pizza by using a rolling pin. Normally the proper pizza is made by hand.

Since this is not pizza we can make our life easier.

Let the pizza grow once again for 30 minutes. In the mid time, switch on the oven at 250°C. Stuff the pizza as you like the more.

Enjoy and please share with us your experiments. We are sure you will have success.

If you will prepare the Hawaii, please do not let us know (that is not considerable for Italians, it is really too much).

IMG 3091

Learn how to whisk eggs is the a-b-c of the culinary-art.

This technique will teach you how to beat the egg and kind of tips around it. At the end you will be able to prepare cream, herbal preparations rather than sweet or savory dough base.

Make sure you have on hand:

  • At least one egg
  • A bowl
  • A fork
  • A whip kitchen

To begin get a bowl not too profound. This will allow you to beat the egg without tricking too much with the fork. To whisk you could also use the classic whip kitchen. For small amounts it is definitely more functional the fork. It will be important to proceed by washing the egg that you want to beat. It may seem an unnecessary step but it is not. Eggs are subject to the risk of salmonella. It will always be better to wash the shell to prevent contamination of food. Then you break the egg. Just a rap on the shell with a fork or knife. It will be sufficient to cause a small tear. At the point of this break you place your thumbs and without too much force will open the egg over the bowl. You proceed by checking that there are bits of shell. In the event, remove it carefully with the aid of a fork.


Now add a little salt. This step is very important. A pinch of salt will help the the procedure. Now whisk with a fork. The important thing is to keep your arm still and let work only the wrist. Hand the fork right on top of the handle to havethe help by the "lever principle". Remember to work energetically.

The fork should be almost parallel to the work surface.  Depending on the force applied and how long you will whisk the egg will get different results. The egg can be said to be ready when no lumps out. Continuing to whisk you get a compound more foamy effect .


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