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Muffin or Cupcake that is the question

Last night i had dinner with some friends. I decide to prepare cupcakes as dessert. I wanted to try at home what I learned few weeks ago during a cake decorating class.

IMG 20150710 181953

Actually I am not sure I baked muffins or cupcakes. Is there any difference? I asked google. Google always has answers. Apparently there are three main difference:

  • Muffins are for breakfast while cupcakes are for dessert.
  • Muffins are bigger than cupcakes.
  • The recipe for muffins is more bread-like, while the one for cupcakes is more cake-like. In the cupcakes is used way much more butter than in the muffins.

Somebody says even that if you smash a muffin into the wall you hear “boom” while with a cupcake you hear “puf”.

Basically I would say that the cupcakes are posh muffins … but this is only my opinion. For sure If I will argue with Doc and there are muffins around the table I will let you know wich is the sound of a muffin on his head : o).

While I was cooking I was listening in the order: Gary Jules, Mad World – Joy division, Love will tear us apart - Steve Kilbey, Under the milky way – The Echo and Bunnymen, The killing moon. This must be a collateral effect of watching once again Donnie Darko. If you did not watch it yet … please do it. You will not regret. It is simply brilliant masterpiece.

Let’s start with the little cakes. I used as recipe from a book my mother gave me as present.

For 12 cupcakes you need:

240 g of flour,

150 g of sugar,

2 eggs,

80 g of dark chocolate,

100 g of butter,

Teaspoon of backing powder .

First mix the butter with the sugar until it become a soft cream. Add the eggs, the melted and cooled chocolate, the flour and the backing powder. I did not used all the suggested flour. At some point (roughly 180 g) I felt that the dough was starting to be too hard. If I had milk at home I would have also add a couple of table spoons.

Cook for 15-30 minutes, depending on the oven, at 180°C.

IMG 20150709 WA0001 IMG 20150709 WA0003 IMG 20150709 191354

For the frosting you need:

150 g icing sugar,

50 g natural unsweetened cocoa powder

250 g mascarpone.

Beat the icing sugar, the cocoa powder and the mascarpone to make a soft creamy foam. To decorate the small-cakes I used a pastry cream syringe. I needed to add a couple of spoons of milk since the cream was too thick and it was difficult to let it trough the syringe.

Here is the result. I hope you will shear with us your experience in case you will try.


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