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Le fette biscottate - Melba toast


It is not so easy to find the melba-toast at the supermarket. It very much depends on the country. The "investigation" of the Danish supermarkets has been not successful so far. Therefore, I decided to give it a try and bake my own "fette biscottate". The preparation is rather simple and takes roughly a day. 

The melba toasts are consumed traditionally for breakfast with chocolate cream or marmalade. They are in perfect combination with a cappuccino, a cup of coffee, thee or orange juice. The breakfast is my favorite time of the day when I can start thinking and "be well tuned". The breakfast reminds me of Holly Golightly, who used to have breakfast at Tiffany & Co. with coffee and a croissant. Here is Moon River. I love this movie.

The ingredients are enough for baking roughly 30 melba toast. It very much depends on the dimension of the plumcake pan. My pan is large 6, deep 9, and long 23 cm. The dough is enough to fill two pans.

500 gr of flour (0)

150 gr of cow milk butter or coconut oil or sunflower oil

125 mL of milk

2 eggs

1 yolk

275 gr of sourdough (55%of the flour amount) or 4 gr of dry yeast

50 mL water

20 gr of sugar

WhatsApp Image 2017 03 05 at 11.04.37 WhatsApp Image 2017 03 05 at 11.04.34

The first time I prepared the melba toasts, I used the cow milk butter. Mix all the ingredients; egg and sugar first, then all the liquids (milk and water) followed by the flour, the sourdough, and the melted butter. I have been always used the sourdough and I let it rise for about 5 hours at room temperature.

WhatsApp Image 2017 03 05 at 11.04.30

I did cook it for 45 minutes at 180°. Depending on the type of fat used, the final crunchiness of the melba toasts changed. 


 1 WhatsApp Image 2017 03 05 at 11.04.15
cow milk butter  coconut oil

Once the bread was completely cooled down, I did slice it. The sliced were cooked for 20 minutes at 150°C.


2 WhatsApp Image 2017 03 05 at 11.04.14
 cow milk butter  coconut oil


As I said, The type of butter changed the crunchiness of the melba toasts, being more crunchy when I used the cow milk butter. Whereas, the coconut oil made it harder.


 3 WhatsApp Image 2017 03 05 at 11.04.20
Cow milk butter Coconut butter

It very much depends on your taste and the necessity.

WhatsApp Image 2017 03 05 at 11.01.52

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