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How To Make Homemade Pasta

 The southern tradition wants fresh pasta with fresh tomato and meat sauce ( O' Ragù) for the Sunday lunch. We could not choose a different song (, by Rita Pavone a brilliant Italian singer.

Once upon a time, a grandma was used to wake up on Sunday and prepare fresh pasta for lunch which would be dressed with tomato sauce “la salsa” prepared using home canned tomatoes. I have a lot of memories from my childhood and O' Ragù. The strongest are having breakfast smelling the tomato on Sunday morning and prepare the canned tomatoes the last days of summer holidays <3<3<3.

Today we would like to prepare fresh pasta with you. Here are our proportions: 1 egg, 80 gr of flour and 20 gr of durum flour (semolina). The secret is to work out the dough, rolling – stretching - thinning, to make possible the formation of the gluten network, which is responsible for the elasticity and the tenderness of the pasta.

Work the dough until pressing a finger into it the print does not stay. Let it rest for 30 minutes in the fridge. Do not loose your heart ... it takes some time and a lot of energy to have a smooth and elastic dough ;)

foto 1 2

foto 2

foto 3 1

Dear friends may we introduce you “nonna papera” alias “Grandma Duck machine”  : -)

foto 4 foto 5 1

Today we prepare tagliatelle: cut a piece of the dough, sprinkle with flour and pass it trough the machine at number 1. Fold it, turn it of 90° and pass it trough again a couple of time, then slowly move to number 2, 3 and so on until the number 8. It is time to cut.

 foto 6

For the tomato sauce with meat you need two pans (This is not the traditional recipe that will be included in another article):

1st pan: add the olive oil and chopped onion and slightly fry. Include the san Marzano tomatoes cut in peace and let it cook.

2nd pan: olive oil and meat – minced meat, sausages, or veal in pieces. Let it sautè and add red wine. Once the alcohol evaporates, combine the meat and the tomato sauce. 

foto 7  foto 8  foto 9 1

Buon appetito.

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