How to make the eggplant (aubergine) mushrooms” or Le melanzane a funghetti

Cooking this dish stress me out. It is a very simple recipe but since it is one of the favorite dishes of Doc and “only my mother cooks it right” …. You know!!! I feel like beeing always a bit under exam (uffa) …. I am working hard to get it perfect, and I often let Doc do it.

Mushrooms are not actually part of ingredients; I think the name of the dish comes from the shape of the chopped aubergine.

Take the aubergine and cut it in small pieces. Deep fry in olive oil and once are slightly brown dry out the excess oil (see pics).

Gulp J I forgot the music. Still on time, here you have the talking heads with the girlfriend is better.

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Now let’s Prepare the tomato sauce. Heat the olive oil in a pan with an unpeeled garlic clove (aglio in camicia – literally translate is garlic with shirt) after a couple of minutes remove the garlic. At this point add chopped tomatoes (better if cherry tomatoes). Keep stirring and let it cook with a very gentle flame and let it boil for some time. Usually, it is better if you let dry out the water to increase the viscosity of the sauce. This long boiling in our “mother-dialect “ ( Napoletano) is termed p’ppeare J.

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It is very simple, HANDY and TASTY … It is a good starter as well as a good side dish …. Buon appetito!!! your social media marketing partner